Buying the house... the bonus!

>> 7.27.2009

I received a lovely packet of mortgage information in the mail this weekend to find a fun bonus to buying the house... I don't have to pay anything (except closing costs, downpayment, etc) in September! That's right, my mortgage payments begin in October so the rent/ mortgage that I budgeted for in September ($1000) can go right back into the little fixes I have in store for the house (and I have a lot!).

On a side note, the monthly payments look to be about $50 more than the lender originally estimated :/.

Yeesh! Those are some scary numbers!!


Debbie July 30, 2009 at 11:52 PM  

Wow, it is going to be scary when I see that kind of paperwork come my way! lol

I am purchasing my house for $156,250; which is totally a steal in my area. Someone else's misfortune (foreclosure) is making my dream come true. So, I'll keep signing all those signatures until it's all mine!

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