You get what you pay for?

>> 7.18.2009

I mentioned last week that I bought a new patio table for $125 and I would be posting a makeover with it soon... well, there was a little snag in my plans! The table was flat-packed and when I put it together I started with the chairs. When the chairs were finished, I went to open the smaller box that contained the table. As I picked up the box, I heard the sound of broken glass! The entire table was shattered!! I was so upset because we had already put together all of the chairs and it would be a major pain to take them apart in order to take them back to the store. I called the store to see if I could just bring in the table and swap it out for a new one. Seemed like a simple solution, but the store didn't have an option of talking to a live person! The only way I would have an answer to my question would be if I drove all the way back to the store. Being the thrifty person that I am, I knew I had to drag my tired self back to the store and have a talk with the manager. I took the risk of just bringing the table to try to make a swap.

When I got to the store I was directed to an associate that would help me with my issue. He seemed a little wary of doing the swap and went to ask his manager if it would be okay. When the manager came she asked me what my issue was. I let her know that the table was shattered when I opened it and that I wanted a new one. It was then that she told me flat out that she wouldn't do the swap! Her reasoning was that she couldn't believe that I bought it broken and that I must be the one responsible for breaking the table. She continued to call me a liar for the next few minutes as I stood my ground in saying that the table was broken when I opened it and there was no way for either of us to when it broke. Finally, she agreed to swap out the table.

I think that the only reason I ended up getting the table replaced is that I continued to have a very good attitude when I spoke to the (rude) manager. Yeah, there was hassle involved in getting the right pieces, communicating with the employees, and assembling it all together, in the end, I was okay with the little obstacles that I had to overcome to get an inexpensive table that I love. In this case, I really got what I paid for!
Have you ever had a moment where you said, "well, I got what I paid for?"

Here's the table in progress:

*Note: I was happy to have a replacement table, but I had no idea how difficult it would be to put it together. After hours(!) of sweating in the sun, blistering my fingers, and slapping at mosquitoes I finally had a finished table!! Well, after all of that, I'm a little tired and I'll need to get some energy back before I finish the patio. Come back Monday and you'll see how I used the table in my patio mini-makeover.


stacy di July 18, 2009 at 10:25 AM  

I've had WAY too many "you get what you pay for" moments.

What horrible management...and glad you got the new one put together despite the pain it was to assemble!! yikes!

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