A First Home Bummer

>> 8.04.2009

No, this isn't a post about another annoying experience buying my first home (and yes, I still use "bummer like it's 1992). My sister is actually the one with the "bummer" on her hands.

Her situation probably created several possible ways for things to go wrong, but I never realized that the people she's buying from would actually be this awful and selfish! Basically, she will start graduate school this month in New York (state) and wanted to take advantage of the low housing prices and tax credit by buying a house to live in up there. She pulled a risky move that I always see people doing on HGTV's House Hunters and flew up to NY find a house in one weekend. Luckily, she saw the home of her dreams within her price range and made an offer that was accepted!

too cute!

If all went according to plan, she would have closed in time to be able to move in with plenty of time to get the house ready before starting school. Even if that would have worked, it wouldn't have been a simple process for my sister because it involved her driving from Texas to NY with two pets and zero furniture awaiting her at the new house. The sellers and both realtors knew about my sister's situation and agreed that July 31 would work as a closing date. Well, things didn't quite go as planned (which I've learned is to be expected when buying a home).

With just weeks before the deadline, there was no one to get ahold of! Dates were being thrown around and fingers were pointed in all directions. The bank lawyer would say that the title wasn't there yet and the seller's realtor would say that it would come in a few days. Finally, after over a week of the title supposedly on its way, my sister came to the realization that the home wasn't going to close on July 31. The worst part in her situation was that she had no clue when it would actually close and with a 3 day drive to get there, she needed information!

After calling/ emailing everyone involved several times, she finally got the answer as to why things were taking so long in the process: the buyers (whose family member was their lawyer) had purposely stalled the process so that they could stay longer while their new home underwent renovations. They knew that she was traveling from Texas and planned to be in on July 31, but created a string of lies so that they could stay as long as possible.

Luckily, the contract will expire in a couple of weeks and since the old owners do not want to lose their buyer, they planned to move out on August 12 (the last possible day for the house to close). Hopefully, everything will go smoothly for her from now on! I can't possibly see myself being so selfish as to get my lawyer to lie in order to keep the new owners out!

Have you run into any unexpected issues while buying your home?


Tina Vaziri August 5, 2009 at 4:29 PM  

That sounds awful, I hope it ends up going well in the end. Buying a house never goes smoothly! :)

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