My $9.59 Dividend Challenge

>> 8.03.2009

Last week, I challenged myself to have fun with the whopping $9.59 I made after cashing my dividend checks. It was definitely a challenge and I think I came up with some fun ways to spend it on a Saturday.

AM- Run with friend.
Cost: $0
It was a great morning for a run. I didn't save money and the check didn't really help me out with this one, but the run did help me enjoy my next spending choice a little more...

AM- Watermelon feast!
Cost: $2.03
There's nothing better than a juicy watermelon after a summer run. I bought a pre-sliced quarter watermelon and ate the entire thing :). I like buying the pre-sliced quarters because you can tell which ones are the ripest.

AM- Garage sale treasure hunting.
Cost: $.50
I love a good garage sale. I was lucky that I didn't find too many things that I loved today, but I did walk away with some really fun/ cheap yellow napkins.

PM- Free lunch at grilled cheese restaurant!
Cost: $0
A new grilled cheese restaurant (!) called Chedd's just opened up near my house. I found a coupon for a completely free meal and met my friends for lunch. There's something about free food that makes it even more delicious...

PM- Walk to get frozen yogurt.
Cost: $3.44
This was a little expensive considering the day's budget, but I did have a free lunch... plus, I ran in the morning and could use the extra calories :).
PM- IKEA trip with dinner.
Cost: $4.32
Anyone who's been to IKEA knows that going is an event in itself. We were there for 2.5 hours! It was really a trip to find inspiration for my new house so I didn't plan on buying anything, but since I had some money left over and I was hungry, I went ahead and got a pasta dish from their cafeteria. Honestly, I think $4.32 is a great deal for pasta with veggies and a side salad.

PM- Scrabble with friends.
Cost: $0
IKEA sure took a lot of my energy and I was ready to relax! Since I was out of money, I took out my favorite board game and put in a dvd to end the night. (I won)

At the end of the day I spent a total of $10.29 (but probably much more on gas) and went a little over budget (I used change from my purse to make up the difference). It feels great knowing that I didn't put a dent in my checking account and on what's usually the most expensive day of the week!
How was your weekend?


thereddeer August 3, 2009 at 7:33 PM  

What a great job - such a cheap day!

Susan August 4, 2009 at 2:06 AM  

Sounds like an awesome day to me :O)

And I totally understand going to IKEA and having it be an event :O) You know, there are many days you can go there for free breakfast, too!

Happy budgeting!

Jenny @ Words on Wendhurst August 4, 2009 at 6:48 AM  

Wow, you really stretched those few dollars into a fun-packed day! Thanks for visiting my blog, and have a great day!

Domesticated August 4, 2009 at 2:08 PM  

This is a really cool challenge. I am going to have to try it. It makes being broke sort of fun- Is that possible?? =)

Audra August 5, 2009 at 6:56 PM  

You've inspired me. On Saturday, my usual yard sale day, I am going out with ten dollars and a goal to buy cheap and fun entertainment to share at home. Games, videos, cd's, crafting supplies! Thanks for the idea!

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