Thrifty Little Fix... Baking in a Too-Small Space

>> 8.10.2009

I love baking, but I am really short on counter space. Each time I bake, I have to squeeze in my flour, sugar, vanilla, etc into every nook of my counter. It ends up looking like this:

Since my new house isn't any more impressive in the counter department and a remodel definitely isn't in my near future, I had to come up with a creative solution to make the best of the kitchen space that I do (and will) have. I'm happy to report that I found an easy (and cheap!) fix at the thrift store (originally from the Container Store)...
It's a simple stackable open container. It's the perfect size for the baking ingredients that I have (I put everything out on the counter and had a rough measurement before going into the store) and fits in my pantry or in a kitchen cabinet. Compacting the supplies takes up half of the space and it moves when/ where I want it to. The legs are an added bonus because they keep the dry materials up off of the shelves in my pantry. Now, all I have to do is pull out the container and I'm ready to bake without cluttering up the entire kitchen! Oh, and the total cost for a bigger (feeling) kitchen? $2.50

What tricks do you have for making the most of your small kitchen?


thisgirlandthatguy August 11, 2009 at 9:30 PM  

I heart your blog already! I did not know about the silver or the lemon to freshen up my dishwasher!!

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