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>> 8.25.2009

Don't you hate it when you're reading a completely inspirational blog post at work (like you'd ever do that…), but you're stuck at your desk and can't get started on the project?? Here's something you can get to right away:

Go find a great deal on Craigslist! In my opinion, Tuesday is the best day for Craigslist bargains. Think about it... the seller just had a garage sale on the weekend and tried to sell his or her furniture (and other items) without success. They get around to posting the pictures Sunday and Monday then by Tuesday they just want to get rid of the stuff cluttering up the garage. Who's there to swoop in and offer them money? You!

Remember, as the week goes on, the weekend garage sellers start posting their items trying to to see if they can get top dollar online. They'll be less likely to negotiate when they know that they have a chance to sell on Saturday.

Want an example of Tuesday Craigslist shopping in action? Here's the posted picture of an 119 x 92 IKEA wardrobe I got for a crazy good deal (including assembly and delivery!). I'll be sure to give the cost details once I have pictures to post of it in my new house.

What do you think is the best day/ time to shop on Craigslist? Please share any good stories if you have them!


Kim at Yellow Brick Home August 25, 2009 at 3:07 PM  

Agreed on the Tuesday hunting! I also think some very motivated posters will put their ads up on Sunday night. I've had great luck on Sundays. After a long weekend of dining out, drinks with friends, etc, I think people want to get down to business around 8PM.

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