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>> 8.12.2009

This week marked a giant step towards moving into my new home-- my roommate moved on to her new place. I guess this means I'm not getting out of living alone! I (of course) started to look at my budget and how many things would change living alone... and since I'm still on a pro/con kick from yesterday's dollar store post, I think I'll go ahead and layout the list:

Con- Um, where did all the pots go?
Yep, she had all of the good kitchen stuff- pots, pans, knives, cheese grater... I guess I'll have to invest a little bit of $$ here.

Pro- Hey, I can see the counter top!
I'm not a big toaster oven person (especially when there's an oven in the room) and that thing seriously took up 1/4 of the counter space. I love having control of the clutter!

Con- Goodbye bill splitting.
Paying that entire cable bill on my own-- eek!

Pro- Goodbye bill splitting.

Unlike a certain someone, I don't need to have the AC turned down to 65 ALL DAY LONG... I know, I'll still be paying more, but I can at least have control of the energy use in my own house!

Con- *crickets*
It's a little lonely around here. Also, I miss this little guy...

Pro- My shoes are safe!
That little guy sure did know how to make a mess. I'll probably save about $100 in shoes alone.

Con- Where's the ice cream?
Ok, so maybe I thought it magically appeared in the freezer for my enjoyment. I guess I'll be forking out the $$ for this from now on.

Pro- The cereal is where I left it?!
Hey, she had her food problems too. Buying all of the food in the house will definitely save some $$ from moochers and a few arguments about who bought the Cheerios.

Writing that list, I realized that I probably still have some resentment about a few things related to living with my roommate, but who doesn't? Overall, I know that buying the home on my own is a great step for me right now- drawbacks and all.

Live with a roommate? Have any $$ pros/ cons/ rants to add to my list?


Leigh in Tennessee August 12, 2009 at 6:37 PM  

Until I moved in with my fiance last December I hadn't had a roommate (of any kind) other than my dog for almost 10 years. There's definitely something to be said for being able to walk around naked, drink from the carton, etc - all the things that privacy allows you to enjoy. Yeah, the downside is not having someone to split the bills with but then again you know that you have total ownership of all the food in the house.

Sometimes I really miss having my own place. :-)

Debbie August 13, 2009 at 8:25 AM  
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Emily @ Waldobungie November 11, 2009 at 7:33 PM  

Awwww......that pooch does look like mine! I had one roommate that I absolutely loved! She was fun and clean, and she loved my doggies (which was nice!) Luckily I found a roomie I love even husband! Although, he's not as good at doing the dishes as she was! ;)

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