>> 11.22.2010

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Things didn't quite go as planned this weekend. I imagined coming back with pictures of our ever evolving yard complete with brand new paths... but the process of digging out the extra 4+ inches for the crushed granite is taking forever! For today, I just have a few pictures of rocks (and a really sore back).

Here's the GIANT rock we're hoping is some sort of valuable dinosaur fossil for the amount of time we're spending digging around it:

Here's Nate's favorite part of our Texas soil, the free rocks included in every shovel load: 
If I had a dollar for every time he mentioned the rocks this weekend...

I can't forget the giant pile of rocks just waiting to get itself into our yard:
Talk about motivation to get work done!

It's pretty obvious what I'll be doing on my days off this week.
Do you have any Thanksgiving DIY plans?


Amanda- Hip House Girl November 22, 2010 at 1:59 PM  

This kind of thing ALWAYS takes longer than you think it will. At least I hear Texas is quite pleasant this time of year! I'm heading that way for Thanksgiving- Houston, to be exact. And since it's my sister's house, I probably DO have some DIY plans that I am not aware of yet.

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