Some "Finally" Projects

>> 8.19.2011

Currently, we're still in recovering from the wedding and in super-saver mode (yes, it gets more intense than my normal thrifty mode)... so the random Craigslist buys and the big home improvement projects have to be put on the back burner for now. Instead of sitting around doing nothing (which is, of course, free) we're back peddling a bit and finally getting around to finishing up some projects that we did buy the supplies for, but didn't quite get around to finishing...

The first is more than a bit pathetic. I finally got around to hemming and hanging white curtains in my living room. I'm embarrassed to say that I bought these back in February of 2010. I remember because I bought them and the rods from IKEA right before my purse was stolen along with the receipt- meaning I was stuck with them. I guess I could half-blame my procrastination on the fact that I was traumatized by the theft... or not.

I sure wish I had gotten around to finishing these earlier- my dogs sleep much more soundly during the day when they don't have to guard the house from squirrels!

The second project was so worth half a day of Nate's energy because the closet-turned-built-in shelf looks so much better with the extra trim that he installed!

Ahhhh, the closet and I have been through so much together. First as a double-wide with curtains before half was taken away for the bathroom remodel:

Next, as a smaller version: that wasn't so functional:

Much -improved, but not quite perfect:

 And today...!

And finally, I'm really proud because I went ahead and printed out a couple wedding pictures for my bedside table. I had the sneaking suspicion that they might take years to make an appearance otherwise! I've never used one of those instant printing Kodak kiosks before, but let me tell you the ease of just putting in my flash drive and walking away from CVS with ready to frame pictures was well-worth the $1.50 that I spent! I'm already brainstorming up some ways that I can instantly print up arty pictures to fill up the frames that sit empty in my garage...(TBC).
PS. Yes, that is a custom dog cave at the bottom of the built-in. Yes, if you look closely in the living room picture, you'll see another dog bed by the window. We spoil them big-time!

Has anyone else recently discovered the wonders of adding trim to a space (or instant print kiosks)?!


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