>> 7.29.2011

I'm not really a hoarder... I just sometimes do hoarder-like things. 

I promise, you won't go into my main living areas and see piles of trash or old clothing. Plus, I love donating things that I don't want to use anymore. However, I am guilty of buying things (especially home decor) without a specific use in mind... and then let them sit around (usually in the garage) for months (or longer). 

Oh, and I also do that hoarder thing where I find free or super cheap stuff and say, "I bet there's some way that I can use this!"

Anyways... let's rewind back to May of 2010 when I bought a really nice wooden round mirror off of Craigslist. I'm embarrassed to say that I just got around to hanging it up in my house this past week. There's the whole "I'm really bad at hanging things on the walls" excuse, but then again there's also the fact that I'm half-hoarder.


Luckily, I found a pack of hook picture hangers that not only hold 50 lbs, but allow me shove them into the spot I like without needing a level or stud-finder (which Nate, by the way, loves to hover over his chest and say, "the stud is right here!") . So, the hanging things up on the walls problem was solved.

I decided to stick the mirror over the desk in the guestroom so that I can maybe get a bit more light bouncing around this tiny one-window space.

Unfortunately, the hooks wouldn't work for my normal pictures (that have been leaning against the wall for  months) so I have to wait until the weekend so that I can talk Nate into doing the leveling for me:
Just looking at the level stresses me out!

Now that the wedding madness is over, I'm making some serious attempts at using all of the crap pretty things I've been buying for the house. With a little luck, I'll have a fully-spruced office/ guestroom to share with you in the next couple of weeks...

PS I'll try to take the next set of pictures when the lighting is a bit better!


We've Been Busy...

>> 7.25.2011

But we're back!

A detailed post on our $11,xxx wedding is coming, but we should finally be back to thrifty projects around the house as well! A big thanks to those of you who haven't unsubscribed over this hectic summer... and a bigger thanks to those of you who helped me make some decisions over on the wedding blog!


The Backyard Budget Breakdown (so far)

>> 7.06.2011

The yard has come a long way in the past year- we've built a garden, installed new sod, and created some granite pathways that lead to a fire pit area. While the work isn't 100% completed and there are a few flower beds that could use a bit of color, I think enough basics are in place to go ahead and break down the budget.

First, let's remember what we started with:

The plan:

The results:

Obviously still some work to do here, but the basics are in place!

The Grass $564.86
Tiller rental from Home Depot- $55
Hourly truck rental from HD (twice due to broken tiller)- $74.80
Yard bags to collect debris- $6
Sod pallets (3 with a lot left over) and delivery- $429.06

The Beds and Paths $766.57
A ton of composite edging and stakes for borders- $351.70
Weed blocking fabric- $71.28
Sand for granite paths and sitting area- $46.50
Decomposed granite for paths and sitting area- $112
Delivery for granite and sand- $95

Mulch and soil for flower beds (so far)- $70.09
Solar lights (on mega sale)- $20

New Tools $37.94
Tamper- $32.97
Rubber mallet- $4.97

The Garden Box $128.29
see garden breakdown post

Grand total*= $1497.66 
*Excluding plants and future projects such as A/C screens

If I were to do it again...
I would have never guessed that laying new sod (after prepping the area) would have been so easy and relatively cheap. Unfortunately, I also never guessed that the edging for the beds and pathways would have been so expensive. We wanted to plan a good amount of granite and flower bed areas in order to limit the space we'd need to water, but I'm sure there would have been a more efficient way to design the path and bed layouts to minimize the need for those borders!

PS To all of you who were jealous when we had yard work and warm weather while you were buried in snow this past winter... you might be happy to find out that we had to watch our fireworks on T.V. this year due to drought conditions in our area :(.


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