The Garage (Apartment)- Part 2

>> 7.03.2012

(continued from part 1)

Once we moved into the new house, the first hurdle that we came across with the garage apartment was that it was busy functioning as our actual garage. Our last home was not only larger than our new home by around 100 sqft, but it also had an attached garage. Needless to say, we were tight on space!

Note the yellowing white walls. Yuck!

Eventually I sorted through and removed enough of the garage junk to make room for some painting.

We ended up needing to buy an extra storage shed (or two)  to house the lawnmower, painting supplies, and yard tools... and stick a bunch of stuff on our covered back porch... but it was eventually cleared out!

Making the decision on how much of an investment to make on the storage shed was a tough one for us. On one hand, we could go with a sturdy wooden shed that would hold a ton of stuff and fit in with the look of the house. On the other hand, we could go with something cheap and easy to build...

And we went with the cheaper option. At $300, it still wasn't "cheap," but it is much more affordable than renting a storage unit, it went up the same day we bought it, and I think that it is easy enough to take apart that we can sell it in a year or two when we do the addition to our house and add more storage space.

Once everything was out, it was time to do a little demo and paint. The built in shelf in the corner and cabinet above the kitchen area both had to go because they weren't functional as they were. Lucky for us (sarcasm) the beadboard did not continue behind the shelf and we (Nate) got to do a patch job.

While some things were getting patched up, there was 10x the work to do with the paint. Because I'm so so smart, I picked out the paint colors by looking at the chips in Lowe's (Valspar's Hotel St. Francis Clay Angel + stock white for trim). Eh, I think it worked out.

The vinyl floors were great built-in drop cloths while they were there, but once we were ready to pull them up, I was kicking myself for not having  done it before....

That musty smell was actually an indicator of a much, much bigger issue:

The whole floor was covered in a disgusting mold!!

I immediately began seeing dollar signs everywhere! I'm no mold expert and not cheap enough to just pretend like an issue didn't exist so we were on pause with the project so that we could call in the experts to let us know how bad the problem really was. Thanks to reality DIY shows, I had nightmares about "black mold" for days!

Up next: the mold results


Mrs. Chic July 3, 2012 at 11:55 AM  

I'm looking forward to the next post, and hoping the mold problem was solved easy

Sara @ Russet Street Reno July 4, 2012 at 12:41 PM  

Oh jeez! I hope it wasn't an expensive fix.

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