The (Garage) Apartment: New Path

>> 8.15.2012

The pile of rocks leading to the garage apartment is finally a functional path!

We went with 48" x 22" slabs of limestone for the path for a few reasons:
1. They tie back in with the limestone exterior of our house.
 Sorry for the bad shot with a guy on a ladder- it's the only pic I have of the front!

2. The long, flat surface would be much easier to walk on compared to smaller stones.
3. We could install them in a less permanent, labor-intensive manner as compared to the granite path that we put in our last house.

Speaking of reason #3... The smart thing to do when you're putting in a path like this is to do various preparation steps including laying weed blocker, leveling the ground, adding a sand base, etc. Honestly, we barely leveled the ground before doing this path. In the long-term, we want to follow a master plan for the layout and design of the yard, but we're not ready to commit the resources towards that plan at the moment. The best compromise seemed to be to use materials (the limestone) that would probably fit into our master plan and make them easy to reuse in the future by installing them in a less permanent way.

Thrifty: buying our dream materials now and reusing them in the perfect way later
Not Thrifty: buying something cheap now and having to spend a lot of time tearing it out later

So, there won't be any tutorials on this project. We basically: ripped out the old rocks, leveled a little, plopped down the new stones (well, I hired two people from Craigslist to do that), wiggled them into place, then finally used mulch to fill in the gaps.

 leveled ground:

The door leads to the laundry and the little window is for the bathroom.

I will say that I'm enjoying the modern feel that they've  added to the yard. Have I mentioned that our goal with this place is "modern cottage?"
I think that in the place of the scraggly bush, a rectangular planter would look really great as a visual divider- maybe one made of concrete or metal.  Again, that will be covered in the "master plan" phase (someday)!

PS One of the steps is off on purpose- there's a sprinkler head that we don't want to spend the time/ money re-routing blocking the way. I'm just going to pretend that it's a design feature for now ;).


Sara @ Russet Street Reno August 15, 2012 at 7:32 PM  

I seriously love those stones, how easy and pretty! Great choice.

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