when being thrifty =/= weight loss

>> 8.21.2012

I exercise a lot and eat healthy foods most of the time. I'm on auto pilot most of the time with my weight so  when I get off of my routine and gain a little weight or have a reason to cut back I don't have the easiest time adjusting! I have a few runs coming up this fall that I'd love to PR (personal record) in and losing 5 lbs (=2 sec faster/ lb) by then would really help me to reach my goal. I know what I need to do, but my deadline is approaching and I'm still just hovering around my normal weight.

My biggest setback lately? My thriftiness.

It isn't the cheap food that gets in my way (I like to think that most of my inexpensive groceries are healthy)... it's the "free" food! I'm having the roughest time turning away free treats. Whether it's a sample at the grocery store, a birthday cake at work, or leftovers at dinner, I've had a rough time turning anything away. The work treats are the worst. In the last month alone, we've had: breakfast tacos, a catered lunch, cookies, and cupcakes. And of course, there's also a bottomless candy bowl in the break-room!

Because I live a thrifty lifestyle where we budget for about one restaurant meal and one special dessert a week, these work treats (and they're usually from restaurants I rarely get to go to) seem too good to pass up.

Thrifty Little Tip~

When you're faced with free food that gets in the way of your weight loss goals, ask yourself: 
How much is my weight loss goal worth to me? How much would I pay right now to have that weight gone?
Based on the number of people enrolled in diet programs and purchasing special diet foods, I'm guessing it's something. If the answer is >$0, say the following: 
I'll skip that food for now, but set aside that value of the weight loss. When the weight is gone, I can always go back and just buy that food myself.

Chances are that you won't remember the food once the weight is gone, but if you're in a healthier state and have spent a few weeks skipping the freebies, I'd say that you've earned a $3 cupcake* guilt-free!
*or a non-food treat, as the nutritionists might say

story behind cake here

Don't treats taste better when you've earned them? What are your biggest weight loss setbacks? 

ETA: I wrote this post before work and, of course, found a box of these cupcakes waiting in the break-room :(. Brownie Sundae, Italian Creme, Chocolate Hazlenut, and Cherry Bada Bing... I'll just buy one later!


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