Commitment Issues in the Living Room

>> 9.05.2012

 Man, do I have a hard time committing to decorating choices! It's especially tough when they either: a) cost a lot of money, or b) will take up a lot of time. In the living room, I wanted to do some sort of patterned/ colorful curtain to add some life into the room, but after searching for a while, I could not commit to anything :(. Buying two sets of IKEA's RITVA curtains was very easy for me to do because the total cost was $50 for both windows and the white panels would fit in with any other room if I do find more exciting curtains for the living room down the road.

I just had to do something because we never opening the broken Roman shades that the old owner left behind and I felt like we were wasting a big part of what I loved about this house- the natural light!

 See, the room is a lot brighter with the curtains opened!

Yeah, and now only one set is hung. I'm a bit worried that the high and wide curtains will be too much with the future built-in tv unit (that will be my Christmas gift this year!).

If curtains are too much, I could just replace the shades instead...

I've also thought about keeping the existing shades for decorative purposes (they don't really open and shut easily)... but again, I'm not sure about it:

 The good news is that, as boring as this side of the living room is, I've at least added some interest to the entry side of the space by setting up an overscale thrifted museum poster. 

Yes, I know, a blue pillow + one poster does not make for an interesting space. I'd love some suggestions and opinions on where I should be going: curtains or not? shades? prints? I have anonymous comments (and no security code) enabled so I welcome some constructive snark!

ETA: (In response to Heather's comment below) The dining room opening from the living room:


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