Living Room Rug Change

>> 10.04.2012

I'm back with more commitment issues in my living room! I really appreciated your suggestions on my last living room post- I definitely think that I need a little texture/ color/ pattern action in there. Yesterday I picked up a new 8 x 10 rug off of Craigslist that I thought might start leading me in the right direction:

It's an old Kaley Bloom Rug from Pottery Barn in orange. I paid about 1/3 of retail price, but I can't say exactly how much right now because Nate doesn't know and hates the rug (...drama!). Remember way back when I bought an 8 x 10 Pottery Barn Henley Rug and 8 x 10 West Elm Jute Bouclé Rug for a total of $60. Well, now Nate thinks all rugs are that cheap. Oops!

Back to the indecisiveness: What do you think about it compared to the jute rug?

I did take the pictures in bad lighting, but it does seem like the orange rug brings out more orange tones in the floor. Luckily, it wouldn't be a big deal if we didn't end up using it in the living room because we need to start from scratch in the bedroom anyways. Thrifty Little Tip: ALWAYS have a backup plan for your Craigslist purchases. Remember, you can't return them!

Sorry about the dog butts!

And a rarely seen angle (with horrible lighting):
I'm still working on that corner with the x-benches. Looking at this picture, it's crazy to see all of the things that I bought off of Craigslist- the dining table and chairs (separately), the Parson's desk, the x-benches, the rug, and the coffee table. It's an addiction!

Bonus: the seller through in two pillows, but I ended up paying $10 for the two of them because I had just came from the ATM with a bunch of twenties and I'm apparently too nice.
I think that having an orange rug and pillows in the same room would be too much for me, but I might use them if we switch back to the other rug.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this rug! I'm going to clean it this weekend and see if Nate starts to warm up to it some more.


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