Hi, I’m Kasey, blog-master over here at Thrifty Little Blog. I began this project in the summer of 2009 when I had the urge to share ideas and gather feedback from random strangers. Strange urge? Well, I was actually your average blog-stalker that just wanted my own little piece of the blogosphere (hence the ‘little’ in TLB).

Not only did I begin my blogging journey this past summer, but I purchased my first home as well. As a result, many of my posts are home or renovation-centric. And because I knew I couldn’t fill a week’s worth of postings on home décor or renovations alone, I decided to focus the blog around the one thing I consider myself to be a true expert on: being thrifty. As my grandmother would tell you, “it began at birth with this one!”

I love sharing how I make the most of every cent coming out of my bank account so I hope that you’ll tag along for the ride… and like most bloggers, I thrive off of comments so please don’t be shy!

Contact me:
kasey (@) thriftylittleblog.com

Ask me anything.

*While you’re here, don’t forget to meet my amazingly helpful boyfriend, Nate, and total sweetheart of a pet, C.C., as well as the new puppy, Hugo, they tend to make appearances from time to time.


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